Celebrating 500 episodes of The Soup

So last night was the 500th episode of “The Soup” on E! (starring Joel McHale) and they decided to celebrate this milestone by performing the show LIVE! There were two live tapings for both the west coast and east coast at 10pm. So each coast got a different version of the show which is pretty cool! I went to the taping to watch my Soup family do their thing. I have been the announcer for the show for probably 7 years now (time flies!!) and for the past year and a half I have recorded the voice over for the show mainly from my home studio. It was such a treat to go to the set and see everyone in person. Joel McHale is SUCH a natural live!! He did such an amazing job! I missed the taping with B.J. Novak as a guest but I caught it later on my DVR and he was hilarious! I DID get to see Adam Carolla as a guest however, and his facial reactions to Joel were just perfect! The biggest surprise of the show for me was Lou Diamond Phillips as a guest. He opened the show on camera pretending to be ME!! Hahahahaha. He lip synced to my voice and boy did he work his face to look peppy and energetic, like the read I do for the show. My mouth LITERALLY dropped open when I saw that. No one from the show that I work with had told me so I was SHOCKED. But I found it incredibly funny (once the shock wore off) and Lou did my voice justice! After the show I approached him and confronted him about “trying to take my job.” I think I shocked him right back! He was kind enough to take a picture with me which I have included with this blog. It was such a fantastic night and I want to congratulate the entire staff on an amazing 500 episodes. I can’t wait for the next 500!

500th episode of The Soup on e!

500th episode of The Soup on e!

The Soup is on tonight!!

Catch me as the VO announcer for The Soup at 10pm on E! Entertainment.

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE working on this show. I record Wednesday evenings, and they play my voice live during the taping on Thursday. We record me saying every possible show they think they will talk about, multiple bumpers, openings, and pretty much anything they can think of that might make it into the show. Then they edit everything together right before they record live, when they have a better sense of what will make it into the show. The show required a high energy read, so I always have to conserve my energy for the end of the day. I think my read for The Soup is the most like me. I just get to have fun and play around, and that is how I am when I’m not at work.

I have been to tapings of The Soup, and YES, there is a live audience. It’s so much fun (except when Joel makes fun of me!! hahaha).  The writers and crew are so nice and fun, and Joel McHale is hilarious (and my favorite host!).  I am lucky they hired me to be a part of their amazing show.