Building a home Studio

Wow! I have been so busy that I have neglected my blog. I was in Europe for a bit, then it was my birthday, and THEN I started remodeling my house. One thing I am concentrating on is dedicating one of the bedrooms in my house to a home studio. Up until now I have been able to record myself for auditions and send the files as a WAV or mp3 just by recording on a mic sitting on my computer desk, but I didn’t have a real isolation booth or ISDN line. Plus, my “office” was really just a collection of hand me down furniture that really didn’t belong in an office. Now that’s all changing!!

If you are someone who is just starting to play around with the idea of getting into voice over, a mic on your desk, one that plugs right into your USB like a “Snowball” is all you need. I really like “Adobe Audition” as the software I record my auditions with. It’s SUPER easy to use. I own protools, but even a year after purchasing it, I find it SO much more involved and confusing that the easy to use “Adobe Audition.”

If you are a working VO artist who is looking to expand your availability for potential clients, ISDN is the way to go. It requires an ISDN box and a dedicated specialized phone line, and it’s NOT exactly cheap. I recommend investing ONLY if you know you’ll get your money back, and ONLY if you are very certain you will be working for clients that require you to use one. I won an ISDN box on ebay (yay!) and got a pretty recording booth from primeacoustics. I also bought furniture that makes my room look like an actual recording studio so you can imagine how excited I am, after 2 decades in the business, to FINALLY have a respectable looking, dedicated studio. Now I can work from my house. But that does not mean I will stop buying cute shoes. 😉

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