Create your own world using a mic and software-like I did:

Ok so I admit that in my shower I think I am the world’s greatest coloratura. I have never had any operatic training but something about the acoustics makes me feel like I’m in some grand European cathedral performing for people who have come from all over the world to see me. But did you know that with a microphone and some cool programs, you can make whatever audio fantasy YOU have come true? I did that with Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This is a song I often sing in my shower, but because there’s a harmony in it I obviously can’t create the full effect just singing in the shower. So tonight I decided to find myself a karaoke version of the song and record myself singing with the harmony of myself on my computer!! Whoohoo!! I recorded (just a little bit of the song) using Adobe Audition in my booth and THEN I added an AltiVerb plugin which made my voice sound exactly the way it would if I were standing in the middle of St. Owens Cathedral in the U.K. THIS is how I sound in my fantasy when I’m singing in the shower and technology has made my fantasy come to LIFE!! You can mess around with programs and see what kinds of interesting songs, characters, or sounds YOU can make! Remember, if you have an interest in the world of voice over, you can’t be afraid to PLAY! So here is my fantasy version of what I hear in my head in the shower! ;)



Early performance

I became a “professional” actress around the time my sister recorded this home movie of me singing “Why do Fools Fall in Love” in November of 1988. I think it’s hilarious and I wanted to share with you! You can hear my brother’s “commentary” throughout. My brother also was a professional actor for awhile and even voiced “Littlefoot” in the “Land Before Time 2-4.” I took over as “Cera” in “The Land Before Time 5″ so we never got to work together, but you can hear my brother’s singing on youtube as “Littlefoot” if you search for it. No, I am NOT the only singer in the family!! ;)

Anndi McAfee singing c. 1988

A new article I wrote that was published-check it out!

Very recently I have dabbled in writing articles. It is something I never imagined myself doing, but I do have a background in rhetoric, I have a pretty unique job, and I love reading articles on various blogs/websites. So I thought to myself, why not try? I am very proud to share with you my most recent one published on the pretty awesome website “All Women Stalk,” It’s key demographic is women, but men, you can certainly peruse it as well!! This article is very close to my heart as I share with you some very tough lessons I have learned throughout my life that have helped me move forward. If you’re feeling “stuck” or restless, maybe this will help. Please feel free to share your thoughts. Anndi’s Inspirational Article on All Women Stalk

My first guest blog!

So my partner for FitMuses, the exercise app for women I founded last year, and I wrote a guest blog for “All Women Stalk” about ways to make the time fly by while you’re exercising. It’s our first guest blog and we are hooked! We are brainstorming for our next contribution and hopefully we will have more to share soon. You can read the article here:

Interview for

Christie (my FitMuses partner) and I were asked by to give an interview about our experience launching our mobile app, FitMuses. Being an “expert” in voice over is one thing, becoming knowledgeable in a whole new industry is quite another! SO here it is, my “return” to being in FRONT of the camera!! Ha!
FitMuses Interview with

My cover of “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen

OK OK OK!!! “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen” is THE song of the past few months. Everyone is talking about it, giving it awards and covering it! Luckily for me, I love Dinsey songs. Usually the heroines have emotional angsty songs right in my vocal range. Now Idina Menzel is an AMAZING singer and really makes a character her own when she sings….but can’t I be a Disney princess too? Well thanks to technology, I CAN!!!! Haha. And if you work for Disney and are looking for your next singing Disney princess may I humbly nominate myself? ;)

let it go-anndi mcafee

I hope I gave it something all my own ;)

An article about me on the Story Exchange

I am very passionate about women’s issues–self-esteem, healthy living, and happiness! about 6 months ago I launched a fitness app for women called FitMuses ( It’s an app for women to listen to as they exercise that essentially re-creates the supportive, fun, motivational environment we women create for ourselves when we exercise with each other. When friends aren’t available, we are! Anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a wi-fi or 3G/4G enabled device and a set of headphones! Well, I submitted my entrepreneur story to a website called “The Story Exchange.” They are a non-profit, digital project showcasing entrepreneurial women around the world. I am happy to say my story was selected! It’s a VERY personal one, and I was quite nervous revealing so much about myself, but at this point in my journey, it is such an honor for me to have a positive impact on anyone’s life. If that means I share my personal journey, then that is what I will do!  Read about it here:

Anndi and Fitmuses' story

Anndi and Fitmuses’ story

When life gives you broken toes-SING!

So it’s halfway through week 4 of broken toes for me and all this sitting around with my foot wrapped up (and in a boot when I’m not sitting around) has made me quite stir crazy. I have practically no social life as I have sacrificed going out to have some fun so that these poor toes will HEAL! It’s Saturday night, I am doing my darndest to stay off my foot, and I am thinking “I’ve read a million books, I’m sick of watching movies, what can I do now to entertain myself? I know! I’ll download a karaoke version of ‘Over The Rainbow’ and record myself singing it in my booth! ” Singing makes me feel happy-just what I need right now. It’s a little hard for me to sing to pre-recorded music (with a weird minor in this version no less) because I really like to go where the song takes me without worrying about fitting in to what is already there, but I did my best. I chose a karaoke version inspired by Tori Amos’ performance of Over the Rainbow because it was slower and honestly less “corny” than most karaoke versions I could find. I hope you enjoy and are not afraid to sing your heart out to put yourself in a happy mood as well! ;)


My favorite new addition to my home studio

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my favorite new addition to my home studio. For anyone who has one, who is looking to build one, or who spends a lot of time sitting while you work-you may find this interesting.

I’ve been looking for a new seating option that would both help with my energy level during sessions and stay quiet at the same time. Well, I found a pretty awesome product from a company called Turnstone. They make “active” office furniture and I was immediately drawn towards the “Buoy” which is a stool-like seating option with a stabilizer bottom that adjusts heights. In other words, you use your ab muscles to stabilize yourself at different heights. I LOVE this! It’s super light (so you can move it around) and you can customize the colors. Mine is purple and black-just like my studio. I kind of feel like I’m getting a little workout! But the movement I get from stabilizing keeps my energy up because I feel like I’m active.  Anyway, here are a few pictures. If this sounds like your type of thing you can find the product at

My pretty new "active" seating in my home studio

My pretty new “active” seating in my home studio

Close up of my Bouy from Turnstone

Close up of my Bouy from Turnstone