My cover of “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen

OK OK OK!!! “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen” is THE song of the past few months. Everyone is talking about it, giving it awards and covering it! Luckily for me, I love Dinsey songs. Usually the heroines have emotional angsty songs right in my vocal range. Now Idina Menzel is an AMAZING singer and really makes a character her own when she sings….but can’t I be a Disney princess too? Well thanks to technology, I CAN!!!! Haha. And if you work for Disney and are looking for your next singing Disney princess may I humbly nominate myself? ;)

let it go-anndi mcafee

I hope I gave it something all my own ;)

An article about me on the Story Exchange

I am very passionate about women’s issues–self-esteem, healthy living, and happiness! about 6 months ago I launched a fitness app for women called FitMuses ( It’s an app for women to listen to as they exercise that essentially re-creates the supportive, fun, motivational environment we women create for ourselves when we exercise with each other. When friends aren’t available, we are! Anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a wi-fi or 3G/4G enabled device and a set of headphones! Well, I submitted my entrepreneur story to a website called “The Story Exchange.” They are a non-profit, digital project showcasing entrepreneurial women around the world. I am happy to say my story was selected! It’s a VERY personal one, and I was quite nervous revealing so much about myself, but at this point in my journey, it is such an honor for me to have a positive impact on anyone’s life. If that means I share my personal journey, then that is what I will do!  Read about it here:

Anndi and Fitmuses' story

Anndi and Fitmuses’ story

When life gives you broken toes-SING!

So it’s halfway through week 4 of broken toes for me and all this sitting around with my foot wrapped up (and in a boot when I’m not sitting around) has made me quite stir crazy. I have practically no social life as I have sacrificed going out to have some fun so that these poor toes will HEAL! It’s Saturday night, I am doing my darndest to stay off my foot, and I am thinking “I’ve read a million books, I’m sick of watching movies, what can I do now to entertain myself? I know! I’ll download a karaoke version of ‘Over The Rainbow’ and record myself singing it in my booth! ” Singing makes me feel happy-just what I need right now. It’s a little hard for me to sing to pre-recorded music (with a weird minor in this version no less) because I really like to go where the song takes me without worrying about fitting in to what is already there, but I did my best. I chose a karaoke version inspired by Tori Amos’ performance of Over the Rainbow because it was slower and honestly less “corny” than most karaoke versions I could find. I hope you enjoy and are not afraid to sing your heart out to put yourself in a happy mood as well! ;)


My favorite new addition to my home studio

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my favorite new addition to my home studio. For anyone who has one, who is looking to build one, or who spends a lot of time sitting while you work-you may find this interesting.

I’ve been looking for a new seating option that would both help with my energy level during sessions and stay quiet at the same time. Well, I found a pretty awesome product from a company called Turnstone. They make “active” office furniture and I was immediately drawn towards the “Buoy” which is a stool-like seating option with a stabilizer bottom that adjusts heights. In other words, you use your ab muscles to stabilize yourself at different heights. I LOVE this! It’s super light (so you can move it around) and you can customize the colors. Mine is purple and black-just like my studio. I kind of feel like I’m getting a little workout! But the movement I get from stabilizing keeps my energy up because I feel like I’m active.  Anyway, here are a few pictures. If this sounds like your type of thing you can find the product at

My pretty new "active" seating in my home studio

My pretty new “active” seating in my home studio

Close up of my Bouy from Turnstone

Close up of my Bouy from Turnstone

O Mio Babbino – Anndi style

OK…..DISCLAIMER!! I am NOT a trained opera singer at ALL. But I absolutely LOVE opera. I sing all the time in the shower and pretend I am a famous coloratura. In reality, not even close. Tonight was just another night where I was just exhausted and to help myself unwind, I went into my studio and played my favorite opera clips from YouTube at my desk. Except THIS night was slightly different than all the other nights I listen to opera in my studio. Why?  Because it dawned on me that I have a STUDIO in my house and I can record myself singing anything I want!!!! So I just went ahead and found an instrumental track from Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino” and recorded of course. And I’m posting it. I just want to share my love of opera with you. I hope you enjoy it for what it is. And the cathedral reverb I put on it! ;)


O Mio Babbino

Singing demo-a snippet

My boyfriend and I love to play around with songs and music (well, it’s not playing so much for him since he is a musician). The fact that he is a musician and I can sing a little often allows us to come up with some special sounds. I wanted to share this arrangement of “Time Is On My Side” that we did together with you. I just really love it. It just sounds so wistful to me. It’s short and sweet but I hope you enjoy it too!

Time Is On My Side



Celebrating 500 episodes of The Soup

So last night was the 500th episode of “The Soup” on E! (starring Joel McHale) and they decided to celebrate this milestone by performing the show LIVE! There were two live tapings for both the west coast and east coast at 10pm. So each coast got a different version of the show which is pretty cool! I went to the taping to watch my Soup family do their thing. I have been the announcer for the show for probably 7 years now (time flies!!) and for the past year and a half I have recorded the voice over for the show mainly from my home studio. It was such a treat to go to the set and see everyone in person. Joel McHale is SUCH a natural live!! He did such an amazing job! I missed the taping with B.J. Novak as a guest but I caught it later on my DVR and he was hilarious! I DID get to see Adam Carolla as a guest however, and his facial reactions to Joel were just perfect! The biggest surprise of the show for me was Lou Diamond Phillips as a guest. He opened the show on camera pretending to be ME!! Hahahahaha. He lip synced to my voice and boy did he work his face to look peppy and energetic, like the read I do for the show. My mouth LITERALLY dropped open when I saw that. No one from the show that I work with had told me so I was SHOCKED. But I found it incredibly funny (once the shock wore off) and Lou did my voice justice! After the show I approached him and confronted him about “trying to take my job.” I think I shocked him right back! He was kind enough to take a picture with me which I have included with this blog. It was such a fantastic night and I want to congratulate the entire staff on an amazing 500 episodes. I can’t wait for the next 500!

500th episode of The Soup on e!

500th episode of The Soup on e!